How to Date Old Russian Woman

While I was younger, my friend suggested that I try to date old women. My answer was that I had no idea how to approach such women. I did however, have an idea of what to say when I did meet them.


These Russian ladies are considered to be older than their American counterparts. Being over a hundred years old is a big plus in Russian culture. That is why they tend to date much older American men. They like the challenge of trying to bring a man back down to earth by themselves. There are of course always exceptions but most men do not want to mess with a lady who has been around for a century or so.

Most Russian ladies love a man who is intelligent. They are not going to be impressed with your high school diploma. They would instead be more impressed with your knowledge of many things including the law and international business. This does not mean you should lie about your background either. It simply means that you need to have a better than average education.

Old Russian Women Vs Young Russian Women

Russian women do not like men who are just out for their money. You need to have a soft spot in them if you are going to have success with them. If you are trying to make her happy to date you then you need to show her that you can provide for her. Most of the women older than fifty do not like the idea of a man who is only in it for the money.

An old school connection can be a plus when it comes to dating Russian women. If you know any woman who has lived abroad before then that would be a great way to get to know them. This could lead to an interesting friendship.

In fact, being friendly and opening up to her new friends can go a long way. You would not want to leave that friend feeling wary because you did something to offend her or because you made some kind of advances on her. Women like to be played.

How To Find Russian Women Older Than You

The old-fashioned approach of bringing gifts is a big no-no with Russian ladies. Instead they would prefer you to buy them something useful like flowers, candy, chocolates and cards. However, if you are willing to spend time and effort she will be very grateful. If you do not buy her something expensive but rather a small token of your appreciation for all the effort you put into making her feel special then you will be rewarded with a smile.

Be prepared for the fact that old-fashioned ways of dating don’t always work. You may find yourself sitting across from a beautiful Russian lady who has absolutely no interest in anything you are saying. Be open minded to the thoughts and ideas of the Russian woman you are dating. They are most likely to talk about old time Russia stories. In time you will get to know each other and start a loving relationship.

Personality Traits Of Old Russian Women

Most women love old fashioned fun and that means dancing. There is nothing more romantic than a couple of women gyrating around the floor in their best outfits and making heads turn everywhere. A good dance party is the perfect excuse to get the guys cracking. On the other hand, if you and your partner are looking for a more sedate evening then a candlelight dinner and champagne might be more appropriate. Remember, men are more interested in women in high heels and high heeled dresses. Don’t let yourself be taken in by this kind of things.

Do your best to be understanding about Russian women’s culture. Russian women are known to be conservative and traditional. This culture is blended with religion and family values. It would be a good idea to take Russian lessons if at all possible. This would give you an extra touch of class and an advantage when it comes to showing her that you truly have a good grasp of the language.

Be prepared to pay a little bit extra for a night in. The money does not go further if you are not prepared to carry her home in your arms that night and cook her a romantic dinner. Some women can even bring the food and the wine but you should ask first. If you plan on paying for her, you may want to try and see how much she will actually ask for. Some women do not mind bringing a bottle of wine but be prepared for her to tip you well above the average night out.


You can date old Russian ladies from any country. Some prefer to travel to old European countries while others like to visit Asia, Africa, Australia or America. The best way to learn how to attract old Russian women is to travel to one or all of these places and enjoy the experience.

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